These beautiful and unique soap dishes are made of stone from Brazil and they are beautifully handcrafted here on the Sunshine Coast.

Not only they will look stunning on your bathroom, your soap won’t be soft and soggy again, as the groves will keep your soap nice and dry. When yet all the details and colours will become vibrant and beautiful.

We have three types of granite available and one quartzite.

Verde Lara Granite - a beautiful grey granite with shades of pink/green 

Black Marinace  Granite- the black soap dish with pattern stones

Latinum Polished Granite - the white crystal soap dish

Marvino Polished Quartzite - the green soap dish

They are unique pieces, each one of them with is own particularities and unique irregularities. They are not perfectly cut has it’s a manual process. These “imperfections” add character and uniqueness. Things like little cracks and chips are common, but I can tell on that is hardly noticeable and they look amazing.

You can also use this stone soap dishes as a toothbrush holder. It works great for kids.


Dimensions are:

10*9*2 (cm)

note:soaps not included in price