About Me

Hi Everyone

My name is Cat, the founder of Simply Soap Company. I’m from Portugal and I’ve been living in Australia for 10 years now. I just love this country.

As many young couples do, I came here with my partner in search of of waves, sun, adventure, and an enormous curiosity of living in this so wild country.

We were living in London when we made the move. I still remember our conversation: “Australia is quite big, so where should we move?”

Our criteria were: warm weather, waves and job opportunities. Just that, nice and simple. So, we decided to make the move to Brisbane with a backpack and a heart full of dreams.

We are still here, now in Noosa (as we thought Brisbane didn’t have the right conditions to have sandy feet and salted hair all year around).

In 2016 we changed our lives, deliberately and intentionally. We had unconsciously joined what's called the rat race - work, make money, buy a house, have kids, buy a bigger house, work more, buy more…

Until we stopped, reflected, looked for answers and found the answers. We found the answer in simplicity, in pursuing a much simpler living, in wanting less. That was the big aha moment for us.

It was that slowing down, that intentionality of living a simple fulfilling life, that made us deeply change, that made us quit our stable corporate jobs, sell our house, reduce our belongings to 20%, nurture our important relationship, move to Noosa with our 2 kids(at the time) to live by the sea.

We did that, with a full heart and a deep trust in life, knowing that we don’t need to be afraid.

It was in that same year that my resolution to simplify my life lead me to start making SOAP… 

Lots of love


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